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With One More Look At You by Mary J. Williams


Second chances. Betrayals. Danger and deception.
Need I say more?


With One More Look At You...

Forbes and Sophie.

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Forbes Branson was a young man ready for something new. A senior in high school, he was the golden boy. Heir to a fortune, he knew what his life was going to be. But he wanted adventure first. A year of freedom before college to do and go where he wanted. However, an unexpected betrayal would change everything.

Sophie Lipton was fifteen the first time she set foot on the Branson ranch. Dragged from one place to another, never having more than one pair of shoes or enough to eat, the moment she saw the wide open spaces, she felt she could breathe for the first time in her life. It was the home she always dreamed of. But her happiness came at a price.

To stay in her new home, Sophie had to keep somebody else's lies. Lies that would eventually tear apart a family. And tear apart her friendship with Forbes.

Coming home is never easy—especially after twelve years. Forbes isn't the same young man. He found his adventure—and more. Weary, he's ready to settle into a slower, calmer life. Working on his family's ranch and taking the job as Chief of Police sounds like a piece of cake after the things he had seen and done.

Sophie isn't the quiet girl Forbes remembers. She's grown into a strong, confident woman. A woman used to being in charge. The Branson ranch is her territory now. If Forbes thinks he's going to waltz back in and take over, he's going to find out fast that Sophie is no pushover.

Twelve years ago, they shared one goodbye kiss. More sweet than passionate. Now, as adults it's a whole new game. The attraction between them is undeniable. Just as they begin to move forward, the past has other ideas.

Secrets rarely stay buried forever. Lies. Betrayal. Maybe even murder. Before Forbes and Sophie can think about the future, they will need to deal with the past. Together.

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The Author:

It Has Always Been My Dream To Write A Book
And I always knew it would be a romance novel. When I was a teenager I assumed I my book would have a historical setting, those were the kinds of stories I liked best, I even grew my hair long so I could be like the heroines in my favorite stories. But now I see myself and my books in the present dealing with the joys and sorrows of our modern world. Harper Falls is a place my imagination dreamed up, but it is based in reality. I grew up in Washington State and went to school in a small town on the Columbia River. Harper Falls is that town but an idealized version. I hope you enjoy reading about the town and the characters.
And as much as I enjoyed telling their stories., these books are not the end of my dream but the beginning.

Blood Rain by Nancy Gray

Title: Blood Rain
Author: Nancy Gray
Genre: YA Fantasy

The night the blood rains from the sky, Mind of Mercy’s world changes. The savage Blood Wings, bestial creatures that feed on the blood of Mercy’s people, attack her treetop village in frenzy.

Mercy’s father, the chieftain, tasks her to leave during the fight and find the source of the storm. The journey takes Mercy across the continent of Lacern where she must make allies, even from some of the enemies of her people, to survive. The search forces her to get help from the least likely of sources, one of the very Blood Wings that attacked her.

During her journey, Mercy and her companions discover lies that are widely accepted as truths, secrets hidden by the beast men, and a power buried deep inside of Mercy herself. Magic is resurfacing in the world and the blood rain is only the beginning. A hidden power is pulling the strings to cause a continent wide war that could result in the destruction of humans and beast men alike.


Mercy’s Task and the Blood Rain
(This scene starts when Mercy is told by her father to leave the village and search for the cause of the blood rain. The phenomenon has been predicted by their shaman, and when the blood rains, the enemies of their people, the Blood Wings, will attack the village in frenzy.)

      “Ask around. Follow rumors. Most of the people in Concord speak either the common language or Ashen. Mender of Spirits taught you the language of the Ashen Folk, so you should be able to listen in on their conversations. Don’t trust them and don’t let them convince you to go anywhere near the capital. Above all, don’t let them know that you can understand their tongue. It would make you useful as a slave.”
      “The rumors say they don’t take people from our forest, only the islands.”
      Catches the Eye scoffed and said, “Do you think they really care where their slaves come from, or that their people would know the difference? You need to stay sharp or you won’t make it back alive.”
      Her back stiffened as she said, “Yes, Chieftain.”
      He smiled warmly. “Under the circumstances, I think you should try to start calling me father.”
      Mercy felt a lump in her throat but quickly swallowed it down and said, “Yes, father.”
      He continued, “The city is divided into sections. The section you should try to get to is called ‘The Park.’ That’s where most of our people reside. You should be able to barter some of the raw materials for a place to sleep. That should be your first step.”
      “The Park, okay.”
      He said in a softer tone, “I want you to come back. And, I know you’re smart enough to do this. You’re the best rider in the village and you’re one of the few gifted that we have. Don’t disappoint me.”
      “I won’t.”
      Mercy felt a droplet of water sliding down her cheek. She reached up and wiped it away, only to see a long scarlet smear on her hand. Her hand began to tremble, as the clouds above them suddenly burst with a sheet of pounding red rain. Instantly, a terrible keening noise echoed through the forest. It sounded piercing, like a woman’s scream, but there was something more raw and terrifying behind it.
      Other screeches began to answer it from all around them. It was a cacophony of howls coming from what sounded like the entire tribe of Blood Wings, and they were already in the canopy. She had never heard so many bestial shrieks. Just one frenzied Blood Wing could make a sound that could practically paralyze a victim in fear, but this was a chorus that rang above the sound of thunder and swept through the village like the howling of a gale wind.
      Catches the Eye said in a terrified whisper that Mercy barely could hear, “We’re out of time. Go, now!”

The Author:

Nancy Gray lives in West Columbia, SC, with her husband, two daughters, and two crazy cats. She attended college at the University of South Carolina and attained a BA in Media Arts with a cognate in English.

Her original career was as a graphic designer but writing is her calling. Her favorite genres to write are horror, fantasy (particularly young adult), steampunk, cyberpunk, urban fantasy, and occasionally light science fiction (space opera).
Many of her short stories and novels also blur the lines of genre fiction.

Nancy is an avid reader and also enjoys drawing, video games, and table top role playing games. She also enjoys anime and manga.


The Glass Dunes
(While Erebus is recovering from his injuries sustained in the Blood Wing caverns, they camp on the fringes of the desert. Mirilee tells them a story about her people and how the glass dunes came to exist. It shows that when magic was prevalent in the world it left its mark in many disturbing ways, charging places with destructive energy.)

      Mercy put a hand just a little above her eyes and nearly screamed at the sight. The three people by the campfire looked exactly like each one of them, mimicking their movements from earlier perfectly. Mercy even saw herself spooning broth into Erebus’ mouth. The group was backwards from the way they were sitting, as though she was looking at an image of them in a reflection.
      Mercy stammered. “How? I don’t understand.”
      Mirilee said, “Because, that’s what this place does. I don’t know how it happens, but it copies what it sees. It lures people in by using images of others.”
      “You’re talking as if this area is a living thing.”
      “Of all people, I would think that you could believe that a place is a living thing. Your people worship the forest and believe every plant and tree has some sort of living essence to it. Why not the desert? It might seem barren, but I assure you it isn’t. My people believe only in the God of the Stars, but I have to admit that this place does have some sort of presence that I can’t explain.”
      Mercy frowned. She had never thought of it that way before, but the desert sands did consist of eroded rocks and earth, and hundreds of small animals made it their home. Several types of unique plants lived there as well. Why not the desert?
      Erebus asked in a frightened whisper, “How does it lure them in?”
      “If someone lost in the desert sees this image, they’ll want to come and warm themselves by the fire or travel with a larger group. They’ll go in and as soon as they get close, they’ll see it wasn’t real and the illusion will literally melt away. Then the Glass Dunes have them.”
      Mercy felt sick with fear. “What happens then?”
      “I don’t know. All I do know is that most of the people that go in usually don’t come back out, and if they do, they’re never the same. There are places where the glass is brittle and will break around them, and heaven knows where they would fall. Also, there are some predators that have adapted to living in the dunes that prey on those that wander in, but there are worse things than that out there.”
      She shivered and pulled her blanket around her shoulders.
      “I felt despair and anger coming from this place, but I didn’t understand why. What happened here, Mirilee?”
      “I don’t know how much is legend and how much is truth, but my grandfather told me that during the calamity, my people fought against the Ashen capital. They weren’t always nomadic. During that time, the glass dunes were an oasis within the desert. My people lived there and it was our capital city.”
      Erebus peered at the glass dunes. “It’s hard to imagine this as an oasis.”
      Mirilee nodded. “According to the legend, one day it rained fire and a dust devil of white fire as wide as the city itself swept through.

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Slowpocalypse by James Litherland

Books 0.5 - 3

An interesting series that's easy to read and has plenty of suspense to keep you turning the pages.

Durable Impressions is a short introduction to a new and exciting world and to Kat, one of the main characters.

Although Certain Hypothetical (book 1) starts off slowly, it soon picks up and sets the pace for the series.

Each book has an intriguing plot that's well thought out and is a good mix of action, mystery and suspense.

The two main characters are dimensional and they grow and evolve through the series.

The large supporting cast are occasionally hard to keep track of, but the 'returning characters' list at the in the later books reminds you, who's who

Each book wraps up the story lines satisfyingly, leaving the way open for further instalments, but without any great cliffhangers.

Having read books 0.5 to 3, I'm now looking forward to reading book 4, Peripheral Encounters.

I received a copy of Certain Hypothetical free through Goodreads First Reads, and copies of Durable Impressions, Threat Multiplication & Compromised Inside from the author.  Thank you, James Litherland

The Books

Durable Impressions (Slowpocalypse Short Story, #0.5)

As civilization has slowly crumbled, Katherine Miles has led a life of privilege—but also one of preparation. Now, under the ominous shadow of a society coming apart at the seams, her mettle will be tested for the first time.

Certain Hypothetical (Slowpocalypse, Book 1)

A suspenseful, speculative adventure set in an all-too-plausible near future.

Katherine Miles and David Belue, students at the first Federal University and Research Complex in central Florida, face a new and dangerous reality when the compound is sealed to keep the facilities out of the hands of a secessionist governor. Each will try in their own way to protect the community from threats without and within. That could cost them their lives.

Everything will change. But the moment has been prepared for.

Threat Multiplication (Slowpocalypse, Book 2)

—A Perfect Storm

MYSTERIOUS power outages, disrupted communications, and a rash of illness among the guards are only the beginning. Soon FURC Security Chief Anthony Nelson and his small, mostly inexperienced staff are overwhelmed by the hacking of the local network, the contamination of the food supply, and a seemingly impossible murder.

Rookie David Belue is trying to solve one of those mysteries when he comes under investigation himself, because he’s one of the few who had the means and a motive to murder. Which makes Officer Lisa Courdray’s job much more difficult—now she has to prove her own partner innocent while also uncovering a hidden saboteur within the community.

Lt. Katherine Miles can’t help—she’s far from the FURC on a secret mission and unable to contact them with a warning. If she can make it back at all, she’ll be bringing even more trouble along with her.

Compromised Inside (Slowpocalypse, Book 3)

—Beware the Gravity Bug

SEALED off from the crumbling civilization outside, the residents of the FURC may be safe from external threats, but their isolation only speeds the spread of a dangerous new infection, even as an upcoming election exposes divisions among them. And the fourteen square mile compound may not be big enough to prevent the pressure from building into violent upheaval.

Illness lays low Security Chief Anthony Nelson when he’s needed the most—as the crisis grows critical, will he jump back into the fray before he’s fully recovered? Lt. Katherine Miles has her own issues, but with Tony out of action, dealing with everyone else’s problems is distracting her from the real danger.

Caroline Sanderson runs in the election hoping to keep the community from falling apart, but she’s unprepared for what her rivals will do to win. Meanwhile, David Belue helps Dr. Amita Harker investigate the virus sweeping the FURC. Will the escalating epidemic eliminate everyone—or will they destroy themselves first?

The Author:

James Litherland is a graduate of the University of South Florida who now resides as a Virtual Hermit in the wilds of West Tennessee.

He’s lived various places and done a number of jobs – he’s been an office worker and done hard manual labor, worked (briefly) in the retail and service sectors, and he’s been an instructor. But through all that, he’s always been a writer.

He's a Christian who tries to walk the walk (and not talk much.)

Rise of the Deva'shi by Jennifer Allis Provost

Title: Rise of the Deva'shi
Series: Parthalan #3
Author: Jennifer Allis Provost
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult

A stolen girl. A legendary champion. A plan that might destroy Parthalan once and for all…

Aeolmar, First Hunter of Parthalan, leads a solitary life. Having long since abandoned his quest to kill Mersgoth—the demon that murdered his family—Aeolmar moves through his days with cold efficiency. Everything changes when he leads a training mission in Brennus, where he’s attacked by Mersgoth himself, and saved by an unlikely heroine.

Latera, first born and heir to Gannera’s throne, is kidnapped and left for dead in Parthalan’s vast forests. A lone human amongst Parthalan’s fae, she makes a home in Brennus, and lives a quiet life—until she finds herself defending a wounded First Hunter from a clutch of demons.

Back in Parthalan, Harek warns Asherah of something called the deva’shi—a warrior loyal only to the demon lord, Asgeloth. Both Aeolmar and Latera suspect that there is more to this deva’shi than what Harek has told them, but before they can learn the truth, Parthalan’s borders are attacked. Will Aeolmar and Latera be able to stop the deva’shi in time, or is it a distraction to hide Harek’s true plans?

The Author:

Jennifer Allis Provost is a native New Englander who lives in a sprawling colonial along with her beautiful and precocious twins, a dog, two birds, three cats, and a wonderful husband who never forgets to buy ice cream. As a child, she read anything and everything she could get her hands on, including a set of encyclopaedias, but fantasy was always her favorite. She spends her days drinking vast amounts of coffee, arguing with her computer, and avoiding any and all domestic behavior.

Guest Post by Jennifer Allis Provost

The Enduring Allure of the Fae

Whether you call them fairies, faeries, fey, or the fae, there’s no denying that faeries are cool. Early humans told stories to explain the world around them, ranging from lightning being attributed to Zeus’ thunderbolts to Persephone’s time in the underworld as the reason why the season’s changed. Faeries were no exception, and they had all sorts of things attributed to them. Half your face paralyzed? A faerie must have stroked your cheek. Crops aren’t growing? You didn’t make the proper offerings to the fae. And never, ever mess with a faerie hill.

Not only are the fae dangerous, they’re incredibly beautiful. Gancanaghs are faerie men who lure maidens into the woods; afterward, the girls pine for their fairy lovers and waste away. The leanan sidhe, a cousin of the bean sidhe, acts as a sort of psychic vampire for artists. The artist falls in love with the beautiful fae lass, only to have her slowly suck away his talent, and eventually his life.

So, the fae are beautiful, dangerous…and devious, always forcing mere mortals to perform tasks or pass a test. In the classic tale Tam Lin, Janet is seduced by a faerie knight, who later confesses that he’s being held captive by the faerie queen herself. The knight instructed Janet to wait at a crossroads for the faerie host to pass, and that he would be riding alongside the queen. Janet did so, and per his instruction pulled him from his horse and held him fast, while he transformed into things ranging from a snake to a red hot bar of iron. At the last she flung the hot metal into the well, and her lover was set free.

When I created my fantasy world, Parthalan, I made a conscious choice to populate it with faeries. While my faeries aren’t the sort you find in traditional folklore, they are beautiful and deadly. They have a moral code, and don’t hesitate before punishing their foes. And every so often, a human child goes missing in their realm.

Faeries are the perfect mix of danger, beauty and intrigue. Is it any wonder that they captivate us still?

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The Gaia Effect by Claire Buss

Title: The Gaia Effect
Author: Claire Buss
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic

In City 42 Corporation look after you from cradle to grave. They protect you from the radiation outside the wall. They control the food, the water, the technology and most important of all, the continuation of the human race. Kira and Jed Jenkins were lucky enough to win Collection but when their friends start falling pregnant naturally, everything changes. How long has Corporation been lying to them? Is it really toxic outside the wall? As the group comes to terms with the changes in their lives they discover there is a much more powerful and ancient force at work, trying to bridge the gap between man and nature.

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The Author:

Claire Buss is a science fiction/fantasy writer currently based in Barking, Essex. She wanted to be Lois Lane when she grew up but work experience at her local paper was eye-opening. Instead Claire went on to work in a variety of admin roles for over a decade but never felt quite at home.

An avid reader, baker and pinterest addict Claire won second place in the Barking and Dagenham Pen to Print writing competition in 2015 with The Gaia Effect and set her writing career in motion.

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The Wedding of Eithne by Michael Dellert

The Matter of Manred Saga, a new cycle of medieval romances, action adventures, heroic fantasies, mysterious priests, and their dark and forgetful gods, brought to you from the fiction workshop of Michael E. Dellert.

“Every page is jam-packed with some new twist, devious dealings, black magick, sorcery, leaving me on the edge of my couch with every turn, each treacherous act of betrayal more insidious than the next. And all for the love of a woman. Masterful storytelling yet again from Mr. Michael Dellert.” — Astacia C

The Hedge King in Winter

Volume One

The king is crippled! Can his brother hold the kingdom together against the machinations of their rival cousin? Follow the adventures of Lord Eowain, the Lady Eithne, and their court through the most troublesome hedge-kingdom on the High-King’s Road!

A Merchant’s Tale

Volume Two

Corentin, a young foreign trader of the House Pelan arrives in the uncertain lands of Droma, tasked to deliver a mysterious chest to a far-away sage in a remote corner of the kingdom. Accompanied by his mercenary bodyguard, a native scout, and the young local priest named Adarc, he sets out on a journey that will change his life forever.

The Romance of Eowain

Volume Three

The Hedge King’s family has feuded with hers for a generation. Marriage between their two clans would bring peace. But the Lady Eithne of Dolgallu has a right to refuse his marriage suit, and withholds her decision from him like a badge of honor. Meanwhile, his cousin TnĂșthgal jealously covets his throne, a renewed threat of banditry endangers his people, and rival heroes emerge to challenge his reign. And what interest do the mysterious priests of the Order of the Drymyn have in Eowain’s wedding plans? Can young King Eowain hold his kingdom together? Can he convince the Lady Eithne to be his bride? Can two people in an arranged marriage find love? Find out in this exciting, new, full-length adventure novel, The Romance of Eowain!

The Wedding of Eithne

Volume Four

With the day of her arranged wedding fast approaching, will the Lady Eithne agree to marry King Eowain? What sinister forces have gathered to oppose the happy day? And what interest do the mysterious drymyn-priests and their dark, forgetful Gods have in such a mundane matter as love?

Due for release 28 Mar. 2017

The Author

Michael E. Dellert is an author of adult epic and urban fantasy based in the Greater New York City Area.

He is an award-winning writer, editor, publishing consultant, and writing coach with a publishing career spanning 20 years. His blog, Adventures in Indie Publishing, is a resource for creative writers of all kinds.

As a blogger, he offers tips, tricks, and advice to aspiring writers seeking to improve their craft, and provides insights into the current state of the publishing industry.

His poetry and short fiction have appeared in literary journals such as The Backporch Review, The Harbinger, Idiom, and Venture. His poetry has also appeared in the anthologies The Golden Treasury of Great Poems and Dance on the Horizon, and he is a two-time winner of the Golden Poet Award from World of Poetry Press.

Michael is also the author of the fantasy novellas, Hedge King in Winter and A Merchant’s Tale, the full-length novel The Romance of Eowain, and now, The Wedding of Eithne, heroic action-adventures for the discriminating reader of new digital and print fantasy literature. With his graduate education in literature and writing, his experience in the publishing industry as a digital editorial production and design professional, and his love of fantasy literature, he practices what he preaches in his online courses on creative writing: discipline, integrity, commitment, and imagination. Take a journey with him into the Medieval Celtic Fantasy of the Matter of Manred Saga, a deeply imagined fantasy milieu like few others, and find yourself embedded in a medieval dystopia of feuding savage tribes, their petty hedge-kings, and the merchants and brigands that fight to make a living among them, while dark forces awaken in world rich with eldritch sword-and-sorcery adventure.

Learn more about Michael E. Dellert and his work at where you can read reviews, excerpts and sneak peeks, and subscribe to his newsletter. An active part of the indie author online community, you can also connect with Michael on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads, where he is often found chatting about books, fantasy lit, coffee, and the daily ups-and-downs of writing.

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Chasing The Moon by C.D. Gorri

Title: Chasing The Moon
Series: A Grazi Kelly Short (book 4.5)
Author: C.D. Gorri
Published: March 17, 2017

On the mend after the battle of St. Lucy’s Day, teen Werewolf Grazi Kelly is on the run. The Hounds of God have been disbanded, the High Council wants her captured, and what's left of the Scarred Sisters Coven want her dead.

Grazi finds herself far away from her family and everything she has ever known. What will she do when a group of Werewolves in Northern Florida need her help? Find out in this Grazi Kelly Short!

My Review:

An enjoyable short story from C.D. Gorri, that lets us catch up with Grazi and Ronan shortly after the battle in Winter Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel #4.

This book gives us more insights into Grazi's world and hints of what's yet to come.

I love how C.D. Gorri's Grazi Kelly, Angela Tanner and Macconwood Pack series all interlink with each other!

If you like good, clean and easy to read paranormal stories with werewolves and witches, then you'll enjoy a visit to Grazi Kelly's world.

The Author:

C.D. Gorri always wanted to be an author. An avid reader, she has a profound love for books and literature that she shares with her friends and family. When she’s not writing she can usually be found with a book in her hand.

She resides in her home state of New Jersey with her husband, their children, and their dogs, Dash and Chewie.

C.D. Gorri first entered the world of literature with the release of her YA paranormal fiction series, the Grazi Kelly Novels. They start with Wolf Moon, Hunter Moon, Rebel Moon, and the recently released book four, Winter Moon.

She soon added a spin-off YA series found exclusively on Amazon starting with Casting Magic: The Angela Tanner Files #1. Available #free on Kindle Unlimited.

An avid reader of romance novels, C.D. was anxious to delve into her first Adult Paranormal series, featuring the Macconwood Pack as introduced in her YA novels. Charley’s Christmas Wolf is the first in the series and is exclusively found on Amazon. Cat’s Howl: A Macconwood Pack Novel is the second installment in the series.

Other Books by C.D. Gorri:

The Grazi Kelly Novel Series

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

The Angela Tanner Files

Book 1

Book 2

The Macconwood Pack Series

Book 1

Book 2